A Short Film For Ya!

Cancer and Cake (2010)
Dir: Dan Pellar
Stars: Amanda Yachechak, Spencer Rhys Hughes, Julia Morgantini and Brian Gildea


So, last Saturday night I attended an L.A. premiere.  My pal Dan Pellar presented his short film, Cancer and Cake, in the swell surroundings of the Complex Theater in Hollywood.  As Dan put it before the presentation, the film concerns one of those many days and experiences in between a stage 4 cancer patient learning their situation and finally saying good bye to us all.  Having heard this synopsis, I was excited to see it because I think he’s pretty much right in what he said before the show: most films and TV episodes on the subject tend to focus on the breaking news of the illness and then the end, even the funeral (I’m thinking of Terms of Endearment type of films here).

Regardless, as with all great short films, Cancer and Cake has a simple (and in this case, endearing) message and communicates that theme in a most entertaining way.  You can probably tell I enjoyed myself with this screening; as if the show wasn’t enough, they had the composer perform three songs for us after the screening and even poured glasses of “Bobby Mondavi” wine (See Note 1) for us in the lobby before and after.  I hope you’ll please have a look at this film and let me know what you think: or better yet, use the Facebook & Twitter links on Dan’s site to tell HIM what you thought!  Have a swell weekend… and thanks for reading.

Note 1: I would never think of taking credit for referring to Robert Mondavi’s wines in this way – – consider this note full credit to Mr. Yatz Gundrum for this reference.

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